The Perfect Plants for Bathrooms

Plants can inject some much needed greenery to your bathroom and if you’re loving the recent nature themed interiors trend the freshness of potted house plants will bring the outdoors in whilst still looking chic.


It’s important to bear in mind that while the low light and high humidity in most bathrooms can make the perfect home for some plants, many others can barely last the duration of a shower without wilting. Follow our guide below so you can pick out your perfect botanical buddy.


Want to give your bathroom that luxury spa feel? Look no further than the orchid. Not only will it look serenely beautiful beside your sink or on your window ledge, the orchid thrives in warm and humid conditions.

Mother-in-law’s tongue

The Mother-in-law’s tongue, also known as the snake plant, is a great choice for the bathroom. Loving steamy, humid conditions, and able to thrive in low light, it is also a great air purifier, known for filtering out formaldehyde, commonly found in bathroom products. Plus, its long, vertical leaves mean it won’t be vying for space on your bathroom shelf.

Peace Lily

With its rich green, glossy leaves and beautiful white flowers, the peace lily would make an attractive addition to any bathroom. Thriving in low light conditions, the peace lily won’t thank you for being over-watered so the natural humidity of the bathroom will help to keep it moist without the need to water it too often. Peace lily is also one of the best plants for cleaning the air.


You can see from Pinterest and interior magazines that ferns will happily live in any bathroom. With their wonderful fluffy leaves, their ability to purify the air and the fact that the create healthy air humidity levels ferns are the perfect companion for a relaxing soak in the bath.


One of the easiest houseplants to keep, Ivy enjoys warm and humid conditions making it perfect for greening up the bathroom. For a display with added drama the aerial roots of the ivy can easily be trained to climb a moss stick or trellis. Make sure your ivy has a good light source to keep it’s lovely leaves super green.