Take a seat….

Seating in a bathroom conjures up an image of luxury, so, if you have space, why not?

I have found myself, on many occasions, barging in while my husband’s taking a shower as I simply have to tell him something immediately (I suspect I do it at such a time as I know he’s not going anywhere fast) I usually perch on the toilet seat when I have a lot to tell him, but I would rather be sitting on a chair — preferably one I can sit back on and relax: these emergency chats in the shower can be lengthy.

Fabrics in a chair, along with those of the blinds and curtains, add an element of warmth and texture to the space and create a welcome invitation. They are safeguarded from the effects of steam by the combination of under-floor heating and good ventilation.

Chairs also make a useful place to put clothes. I usually throw mine over the waste basket, toilet seat or, if needs be, on the floor. With under-floor heating I guess it would be a quick way to warm up clothes in the winter.

If you have a deep window ledge you might want to consider having a cushioned pad made to place on top. It can turn an otherwise unused space into the focal point of the room.

If space is an issue you might want to consider a small stool. Whether it is a stool, chair or sofa — although that would be getting rather serious — there are so many different designs out there to choose from that you are really spoilt for choice.

Just don’t get in the habit of placing everything over the seat and never actually seeing it!

3d render of a red baroque classic bathtub

An old style luxury bathroom in a colonial house of the suburbs, Johannesburg, South Africa.

White freestanding bath in designed exclusive restroom

Toronto, Ontario, Canada-August 11, 2015. Modern interior of upper levels, part of newly designed and constructed Luxury Condo Apartment in Toronto, Canada. This space is converted from turn of the century Church, made in to several high end multilevel apartments. High end property is located in very downtown of the city, near one of the most desirable and colorful areas in West End? with lots of restaurants, shops and places of entertainment, in the area with mostly older houses and buildings. Interior design features color coordinated furniture and fabrics, art work on the wall and around the world souvenirs. Modern and elegant.