Tips for Making a Small Bathroom Look Larger

With house prices at an all-time high it’s fair to say that these days you get far less for your money than you used to. Unfortunately this means that many of us have had to compromise when it comes to our homes and space is normally the first thing to go. Here at Hugo Oliver we have come across many small, even tiny bathrooms in our time but our design team know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to making this all-important room look bigger.

Try to stick to one colour theme

We all like to put our own stamp on our homes but if space is a luxury then it’s wise to stick to one colour/tone as much as you can. For example, don’t have dark walls and light tiles (and vice versa) because this will chop up the space and visually, it will seem smaller. If you do want some contrast, limit this to something like a low cabinet or a light fixture that will act as a feature.

Use mirrors

Mirrors are well-known for making rooms look bigger and the best thing about this trick is that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune and it requires minimal effort. Whether you prefer a plain mirror, an illuminated one to add something a bit unique to your bathroom, LED mirrors, back-lit or magnifying designs, we stock a huge range so you are bound to find just the thing you’re looking for.

Use plenty of lighting

Lighting can work wonders for brightening up any room and even better, making it look bigger. Natural light works very well but this isn’t always possible depending on the time of day, which direction your bathroom faces and some cloakrooms don’t even have windows at all. Ceiling lights are ideal for creating the brightness that you need and one of their biggest advantages is the fact that they won’t take up any valuable space as they’re fixed to the ceiling.

Remove the clutter

Clutter is guaranteed to take up the little space you have and make any room look smaller. The problem is that most bathrooms have a lot of unavoidable products in them. From shampoos, conditioners and body lotions to toothbrushes and cleaning products, it’s no wonder there’s little space for anything else.

Rather than leaving all of your products out on display why not pack them away tidily in a compact cabinet? Not only do they make a great feature, they can also double up as a mirror and removing all the clutter will instantly make your bathroom look bigger.

Invest in smaller furniture

If you’re struggling to even step foot inside your bathroom then have a think about the furniture you have in it. Do you have a separate bath and shower? If so, swap it for a bath with a shower head because this will save you a huge amount of floor space. If you’re really looking to maximise your space then you could even have just a shower. Big, bulky radiators can be replaced with heated towel rails and there is even a fantastic range of basins that have been designed especially for small cloakrooms.

If you would like more advice on how to make your small bathroom look bigger, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to help.