Simple Tips – Heated Towel Rails

As long as you take special care with the plumbing connections, you can fit a heated towel rail yourself. Each project will naturally be a bit different; our advisors can help you to understand the unique requirements for your towel rail. In the meantime we’ve got a few important tips to start off with.

A Towel Rail to Replace your Radiator

Heated towel rails are often installed instead of, not alongside, your bathroom radiator. One of the easiest ways to go about this is to find a heated towel rail that has the same measurements as the radiator you wish to replace, ie. the valves of the radiator and new towel rail are exactly the same distance apart. This will allow you to avoid having to modify your pipework.

Most heated towel rails, however, are hung on walls while radiators are attached to the floor so unless you’re willing to extend the pipework up the wall (which can look messy), you’ll probably still have to adjust the plumbing.

Removing the Radiator

First you’ll need to drain down the system. You can then very carefully disconnect and remove the old radiator- keep the valves on. Clean the open pipes and close them off to keep debris from falling in during the project. You can then mark a centre line on the wall to remember where the radiator was located.

Unpacking and Installing the New Towel Rail

After unpacking the towel rail do leave its protective coating on until it’s fully fitted as it can easily be scratched during installation. Fitting the new towel rail is a fairly technical process that you’ll need to plan for in advance. It will require tools such as an adjustable spanner, bleed key and radiator spanner- this is really where our experts come in; we can explain the process from start to finish ensuring you’ll be able to install your new product successfully.

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