Perfect Hue

It took me 10 paint samples to get the off-white I was looking for for my main bathroom. We’re not talking cream here, we’re talking white with just a hint of colour. A colour you can only really notice when put next to brilliant white.

My husband was perplexed “they all look the same to me” he would say. “How can you say that?” I would reply. “ They are no-where near the same. This one has a hint of peach, this on a hint of pink and this one a hint of grey….no? OK, leave this one to me.”

I settled on Linen White by Crown. It has a hint of pinky peach (yes, really) and is enough of a white to give contrast against the beige tiles but has a warmth that compliments them too.

I love choosing colour but for a lot of people it’s either too daunting or too time-consuming: I will insist on having a paint sample before buying any paint as it needs to be seen in the room on a larger scale than a very small colour sample in a brochure.

Colour is subjective and can really play on our emotions – this is why I love it!