Options for Bathroom Wall Coverings

When designing a new bathroom you have several options when it comes to covering the walls. Books, magazines and online sites display a number of exciting ideas, ranging from wallpaper to tile, wood and more. Each option naturally has its pros and cons; here we explain several of the more popular choices to help you make your decision.


Wallpaper is featured in many chic bathroom designs. It adds colour and texture as well as giving the space a good dose of pattern. This can create a welcome balance to all white furniture or muted tiles.

This covering, however, does degrade over time with exposure to moisture so if you go this route, do buy wallpaper that is specifically made for use in bathrooms and be aware of how long you can expect it to last.

Experts recommend trying a sample of wallpaper before committing to using it for the entire space. You can buy a roll or request a large sample and tack it to one wall to see if you can live with the pattern and how it holds up over time.

Ceramic Tile

Tiling your bathroom walls will make them waterproof although, for a wet room, the space will require complete tanking of the space. Tiles are easy to clean provided you use mildew-resistant grout. You can also choose to tile halfway up the walls, creating a tile wainscoting that is both stylish and efficient.

Using Paint in the BathroomPaint

You really can’t go wrong with a good mildew-resistant paint, as it can be repainted as desired. Do ensure that your bathroom has a baseboard to complement the paint- tile baseboards help protect against moisture from splashes. It also pays to take the time to properly prepare the walls with a good mildew-reducing primer.

With bathroom wall coverings, the idea is to consider moisture, longevity and of course cost when making your decision.