Mixing it up

Who would have thought a tap (otherwise known as a mixer) would take so long to choose?

My husband and I (kids in tow) went to Hugo Oliver’s showroom in King’s Cross to choose the fittings and furniture for our new bathrooms.

My husband gave me a deadline of three hours after which he threatened to drag me out whether I was ready or not. Two hours in I realised three hours was barely enough time and I had to reign in my indecisiveness. So, with the kids playing hide and seek in the baths and my husband saying he didn’t care, just make a choice – the pressure was on!

My husband did, however, have an opinion on the taps. He wanted the Lounge 5 by Treesemme. A beautifully designed, ultra-thin, bling-bling of a tap. So ultra-thin it was likely to get clogged up with limescale. My husband was not perturbed either by the price tag (most expensive tap in the showroom) or by the fact we would have to install a water softener. I certainly didn’t have time to argue.

On the list it went. Two of them, for our double-sink vanity unit.

Off the list they went, two weeks later, when I decided the budget was too over-budget and down to said taps.

My husband did not care about the taps anymore – it was my decision.

So on the list went some very nice taps with the lever directly on top of the tap giving a streamlined look. Then, as Howard (store sales manager) pointed out, there were the water marks on top of the tap to consider. The most prominent part of the tap would be water streaked unless I polished it each time. This I could cope with, training up my husband and two kids to do it too? Unlikely. I like things gleaming. Off the list they went.

Then I found another beautiful tap, very similar to the second but with the lever to the side. No drip marks (well not enough to be worried about) and such a good price!

The taps are in. We are using them and we all love them. I’m rather relieved…