DYI – How to make Natural Bath Bombs

If you love a relaxing bath in the evening you may have considered trying your hand at making your own bath products. Bath bombs are a perfect choice for a pampering bath, but, if bought in shops they can end up as an expensive habit. Making your own bath bombs is a really fun, easy and inexpensive project that you can complete in one afternoon. Why not invite a group of friends over and make DIY Bath bombs together? Keep reading to find out how to make these inexpensive Bath fizzes.

What you need

300g bicarbonate of soda

100g citric acid

10ml essential oils

Optional soap colouring

A mixing bowl


Kitchen scales

Spray bottle filled with water

Round moulds

Step one. Mixing the dry ingredients

In your mixing bowl measure out the bicarbonate of soda and the citric acid. You may need to sieve both the dry ingredients if they look lumpy. Thoroughly mix the ingredients together until you have an even distribution.

Step two. Adding the colour and sent

Add in a maximum of 10 drops of your favourite essential oils to the dry mixture. For a relaxing bath bomb we recommend lavender, chamomile and sage. For an uplifting scent choose lemon, geranium and eucalyptus. If you’d like to go for something a little more sultry choose rose, cinnamon and patchouli. This also the time to add your colour, add in a drop at a time to make sure you achieve your desired shade.

Step three. Mix thoroughly

After adding in your essential oils and colouring make sure to mix in these ingredients very quickly and thoroughly to stop the mixture fizzing to much. Some citrus essential oils can cause the dry ingredients to fizz, if this starts to happen simply mix very quickly.

Step four. Add in the water

One spray at a time carefully add in the water over the mixture and stir. Only spray your bottle once then stir the mixture with a metal spoon. Keep spraying and stirring until the whole mixture begins to come together. It’s very important to not make your mixture too wet as this will stop the bath bomb fizzing in the water.

Step five. Push mixture into the mould

Push your damp mixture into a round mould. We suggest using a large round silicone ice cube mould, These can be found on Amazon and in kitchenware stores. Try and compress your mixture into the mould as tightly as possible to achieve a perfect spherical shape. Press the mould together for a few moments and then remove the bath bomb so it can completely dry out before you use it.

After around 30 minutes your bath bombs will be dry and ready to use in your next relaxing bath. We really hope you enjoyed this tutorial and don’t forget to read our other bathroom DIY projects on the blog.