How to Use Colour in the Bathroom

We could all benefit from a little more colour in our lives. But, when incorporating it into your bathroom theme it’s important to do it correctly. An ultra-colourful bathroom may be fun and new at first but it’s entirely possible that within a year’s time you’ll be dying to paint and redecorate.

Read on for our best tips on how to use colour in your bathroom in a way that’s interesting, elegant and practical.

Choose an Accent Wall

This is a great tip because it works both in small and large bathrooms. Choose a colour you love (at least at the moment!) and use it for just one wall. All colours look great next to a white bathroom suite, and most will be complemented by almost any choice in flooring or tile.

Use mould and mildew-resistant paint to make it last, but do look to the future and imagine re-painting at some point. It always helps if your accent wall is easily accessible- perhaps not behind your medicine cabinet and basin.

Bold Accessories

You may be surprised how much colour a few select accessories can add to your space. Play it safe by choosing neutral permanent fixtures such as flooring and furniture. You can then add bright vases on shelves, fun knick-knacks and mirrors with colourful frames.


Using artwork in the bathroom may not be one of the first things that come to mind when designing a new bathroom. But, a large framed print can really add pizzazz. Choose artwork that won’t be damaged by moisture over time.

Curtains and Window Treatments

Brighten up your bathroom with fun patterned curtains or vibrant blinds. When the light shines through them they’ll cast a soft colourful glow on the space, and they can be easily switched out in the future.