How To Organise Your Bathroom

We all dream of a beautifully organized bathroom but it’s all too easy to put off the daunting task of a complete clean. Follow our easy steps below to ensure that your bathroom is kept as tidy and organised as possible.

Medicine Cabinets

The medicine cabinet in your bathroom should be stocked with everything you might need to get ready in the morning and it should also include plenty of first aid supplies. Keep your smaller first aid items like cotton swabs, cotton balls, plasters and any bandages in separate clear plastic containers with lids so that dust and dirt is kept off them.

For a guest bathroom you can collect product and perfume samples for your house guests to use when staying in your home. To stop any small samples rolling out of your cabinet make sure to keep them in a small container so they are easy for your guests to find and put back. You should also make sure that there’s an open shelf in your cabinet so your guests can unpack their own products easily.

Keep all your medication and painkillers on the same shelf so they are easy to find, you could even buy a red or white first aid box with a recognisable cross on the front so that anyone looking for medication can easily spot the correct shelf and box.

Medicine Cabinet Closeup


For a truly organised bathroom it’s important to keep your countertop as clear as possible. A cluttered countertop and sink area will look messy and create a stressful environment, not the best for a bathroom! All you need for your countertop is hand soap and hand lotion, keeping your countertop clear will also make your bathroom so much easier to clean. Daily wiping of your countertop will ensure that no dirt or grime will stick around. By keeping products to a minimum your daily cleaning will be done in two minutes or less.

Cabinets and Under Sink Storage

If you have a larger drawer in your cabinet fill this with extra toilet roll, paper towels and a small plastic jug so you can easily rinse out the shower and bath tub when you’re done.

Any other drawers can be used to store electrical equipment like hair dryers or hair straighteners and any larger items that you regularly use, make sure to use drawer dividers to keep everything separate and organised. Always wind the chords of any electrical equipment in a figure of eight motion to keep everything tidy and tangle free.

Sort your toiletries by categories and keep everything in separate storage boxes so whatever you need in the morning or evening is very easy to find. We suggest purchasing some simple plastic stacking boxes or smaller draw units to slot under the sink or in a cabinet. Label your boxes body, face, shaving lotion, female sanitary products, hair products and finally dental care. Use stackable organisers to maximise the vertical space in your cabinets or under the sink area.


Hooks as Storage

Use over the door hooks and organisers to maximise the storage space in your bathroom. Plenty of companies sell a huge variety of over the door organisers that come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. If you have a lot of smaller objects to store choose one with pockets that can hang over your bathroom door. If you have a larger family bathroom you can also purchase over the door hooks to keep all the towels dry and off the floor.

Cleaning Products

For a unified look you can decant your cleaning products into plastic or glass spray bottles and label them yourself, this will ensure that your under sink storage area looks as pleasant as possible and may even make cleaning your bathroom more enjoyable. You could even try making your own cleaners using our DIY bathroom cleaning product blog post.

Shower Area

Use a pretty basket near the shower to store facecloths or smaller towels so they are always handy for you or your guests to use. Display larger towels or bath sheets either on a heated towel rail or hooks ready to be used. Always make sure to hang your towels out to dry thoroughly between uses.

Only store the products you use on a daily basis in the shower like shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. Keep anything else stored away so that your shower or bath area does not become over cluttered. This will also ensure that your shower or bath is a lot easier and quicker to clean. Keep a shower squeegee handy so that after every use your shower can be sprayed with a daily shower cleaner and dried thoroughly to combat mould and mildew.

multi colored towels on a clothes rack inside door

We hope you found our bathroom organisation guide handy. Best of luck with your tidying!