DYI – How To Make a Terrarium

Making your own terrarium is so simple and even easier to look after. Whatever the temperature or size of your bathroom a terrarium will thrive as long as you spritz it with water and it receives a healthy amount of indirect sunlight. Succulents and cacti are so low maintenance making them perfect for a bathroom, you can enjoy this craft with children too, they’ll love learning about desert plants.


You can spot terrariums in most interior stores but they can be very expensive, consider using an upcycled glass coffee pot, fish bowl or vase to make this DIY extra frugal. For the rest of the supplies you can forage for a lot of the natural elements like gravel, stones and sand. For more colourful gravel pop into your local pet store and pick up some pretty aquarium stones.


Before you begin make sure to select plants that enjoy living in the same sort of environment and buy the correct soil type for the plants. Choose slow growing plants to avoid over-crowding. If you want to grow sun-loving plants, an open container will work just fine. Plants that thrive in high levels of humidity should be placed in a closed container.



• Clean, glass containers with large enough openings to place plants inside
• Small stones (gravel, pebbles)
• Potting charcoal
• Sand
• Soil
• Plants

Begin by placing the gravel at the bottom of the container. If your terrarium will be closed you’ll want to be sure to add a layer of crushed charcoal to help keep the soil fresh. You can find charcoal in art shops.

Pour a layer of sand across the top of the gravel.

Add soil and make a well for each plant. Make the layers of gravel, stand and soil and level and neat as possible as you will be able to cleary see those from the outside of your container. The gravel and sand should measure about one-third the height of your selected container with the soil layer being the thickest.

Remove your plants from the container and brush off the loose soil around the roots. Gently separate the roots.

Place your plants in the soil, largest to smallest, and lightly pack the soil. Make sure to leave space around each plant so they have room to grow. You could even add decorative items like crystals, figures and small souvenirs like coins.

Water your terrarium 1-2 times per week. For an open terrarium, the soil should always remain barely moist, never bone dry.

Terrariums thrive in natural, indirect light. Avoid placing in direct sunlight or other hot areas as you can actually cook the plants or burn foliage.

Enjoy your handmade terrarium!