How to Look After Your Towels

Looking after your towels and keeping them organised will make getting ready in the morning so much easier. Many people don’t think about how to store their towels but when done properly it makes your linen cupboards a joy to look at and keeps storage much more efficient.

Fold towels so that the edges are hidden and the towels look fluffy and neat. Fold the towel in thirds lengthwise, and then hang it over a towel rail. For storage, fold towels in one-third from the top, then fold that portion over onto the bottom third, to form a rectangle.

If you have a large family you could install personalised hooks for each member to keep their towels on, this way no wet towels will be left on the floor and everyone will be able to find their own towel at bath time.

It is important to be eco-conscious during all of our day-to-day tasks. By using an environmentally friendly washer and dryer you can save water and energy every day. You could also consider using plant based cleansers like Ecover.

Towel-Care 101
1. Avoid chlorine bleach, which eats up towel fibres.
2. Do not use fabric softener as it can reduce absorbency.
3. Dry towels on medium heat; overdrying can weaken fibers.
4. Do not iron terry-cloth towels.

Why not try making your own scented linen spray to keep away months and leave your towels smelling delightful?

What You Need

30 drops essential oil, moths hate lavender
1.5 cups Distilled water
3 oz. Vodka
Spray bottle

Combine the vodka and distilled water in a jar and add 30 drops of any combination of essential oils. Put the lid on the jar and shake to combine all liquids.  Using the funnel, pour the mixture into a spray bottle and enjoy using on your laundry. Spray the mixture any time your towels need freshening up or use if you spot any moths in your home.