How to date-proof your bathroom

Ever been back to a date’s house after a lovely evening, only to discover that their bathroom is perhaps a little on the… disgusting side? While your date’s courting etiquette may well have been on top form, returning to a dingy bathroom might just end up being a deal-breaker – at least, it is for 70% of us!

We conducted a survey* to find out just how important the appearance of a bathroom is to a potential partner, and suffice to say it has a big impact on how a future relationship may pan out. Almost a fifth of people (18%) said they have actually stopped dating someone because of their bathroom hygiene and tidiness, while seven in ten said a dirty bathroom would put them off their date. So, in light of this bathroom breakthrough, we’ve created a guide to good bathroom etiquette, avoiding some of the grim bathroom gripes that surfaced in our survey.

Keep it smelling sweet
A bad smell turned out to be one of the most off-putting things about a date’s bathroom, so make sure you keep the odd candle or can of air freshener to hand for any last-minute cover-ups. Failing that, if you find yourself in an urgent need of whiff-masking scents, a quick spritz of perfume or aftershave will see you right in no time.

If candles and sprays aren’t really your thing, how about adding something more natural to your space? A few sprigs of lavender on your windowsill or even a dish with slices of lemon in can create a pleasant aroma in no time.

Spruce it up
Unsurprisingly, a generally filthy bathroom was the second-most off-putting issue. This is where a little planning comes in handy – a clean bathroom is sure to pleasantly surprise any guests. What’s more, the better you look after your bathroom suite, the longer it’ll last!

Try and get into the habit of wiping down your shower each time you use it. It’ll prevent soap scum from building up, which can make the glass panels a nightmare to clean – vinegar diluted with water can also give your suite a great shine!

Keep the toilet roll in check
No loo roll? No deal. A lack of toilet paper is another disappointing feature, so keep your tissue stock high and there’ll be no bathroom qualms from future dates for you. As well as this, make sure you keep your extra loo rolls in your bathroom so they’re easily found when one runs out – invest in a stylish cupboard, basket or even a kitchen roll-style holder to keep things looking neat!

Fresh towels are top
A clean, dry towel is more important than you think. A dirty towel came in fourth in the list of off-putting features in a bathroom, and no one likes having to dry their hands on their clothes! Keep a stock of fresh towels nearby, and your bathroom guests will leave happy. You could even try keeping a small scented pouch where you keep your spare towels to keep them smelling fresh while they’re stored.

Don’t just close the cupboard door
Nearly half (47%) of women would have a sneaky look in a date’s bathroom cabinet, so make sure you do a quick sweep to check there and no question-inviting items in there!

It’s also a good idea to keep a few spares in your bathroom cabinet. Mouthwash, a spare toothbrush or even a clean hairbrush – little extras may just go some way in making your guest feel welcome!

So it seems an unkempt bathroom could be the thing that makes or breaks the early stages of relationship, and after hearing the nation’s views on bathroom standards, we think it’s fair to say that a clean and tidy bathroom is the cornerstone of any happy relationship – whether it’s with friends, or something much more!

*Atomik Research polled 1001 UK adults on behalf of Hugo Oliver.