How to Avoid Blocked Bathroom Drains

Unclogging a bathroom drain is bothersome at best, but with a few smart maintenance tips you can largely avoid this unsavoury task. Having a brand new bathroom gives you a clean slate to start really looking after your bathroom and avoid blocked drains in the future.

It’s important to understand what causes blocked bathroom drains in the first place- this will help you avoid this common problem. Drains become blocked by foreign objects and build-up of things like hair and soap scum.


To keep your basin drain clear, take care not to drop things like cotton wool, cotton buds or fragments of soap into it. Remember to monitor your children when using the basin- kids are curious by nature and often tend to experiment with dropping small objects such as marbles into the drain.


Never flush nappies, baby wipes or sanitary towels down the drain as these can quickly (sometimes immediately!) lead to a very significant blockage. It’s also best to avoid flushing excessive amounts of toilet roll.

Showers and Baths

For shower and bath plugholes, one cause of blockage stands out above all others: hair. Prevention of hair build-up is an entire subject in and of itself, but it can certainly be managed.

Try having each person with long hair thoroughly brush their hair before showering. This will help remove dead strands before they have a chance to fall out and reach the drain. Have them dispose of hair that comes out while washing instead of letting it wash down the drain.

A mesh drain protector, available at many hardware shops, can also help catch human and pet hair.

Maintain the shower and bath drain by treating it with vinegar followed by boiling water once a week. Treat any already slow drains immediately before they become a more serious blockage.

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