Hot Bathroom Trends for 2017

We’ve been very busy researching and collecting all our trend forecasting infomation to bring you the hottest new trends that you can expect to see in 2017. There’s something for everyone here, from monochrome geometric patterns to Asian inspired serenity. So if your bathroom needs an update make sure to have a look at our favourite trends for next year to ensure that your home is bang up to date. We’ve also created a Pinterest board for each trend with plenty of inspirational images to help you create your dream bathroom



Organic influences bring a calming sensuality to pure design details that characterise a whole range of products, across all lifestyle sectors. The aesthetic is fluid; the palette is soft, warm and natural. If you are looking to create a relaxing bathroom that includes design elements inspired by asian cultures then the Serenity trend may be perfect for you. To create a serene like atmosphere in your bathroom make sure to light some incense, gather soft textiles and towels around your town and incorporate plenty of calm cool colours into the room.

  • Soft textiles
  • Rounded Silhouettes
  • Zen like atmosphere
  • Calm blues, creams and greens
  • Calming accessories


Clean Primary

Stripped back to its bare essentials, the minimalist outlook here is lean, clean and agile. Colour is seen in flat and predominantly matt applications, with colour-blocking referencing the Bauhaus movement used to differentiate product components. This is the perfect trend for all you minimalists out there. This clean trend offers plenty of new ideas so you can inject some up-to-date contemporary style into your bathroom. To incorporate the Clean Primary trend into your home make sure to keep things simple and use a neutral colour palette with touches of concrete and metal.

  • Monochromatic
  • Mat finishes
  • Concrete
  • Grey tones


Urban Nomads

Architecture largely informs this ultra-functional direction, which celebrates simplicity and practicality. Look out for bold graphic styling and patterns with this pared-back, contemporary trend. If you’re brave bring in map patterns and globes into your bathroom for that travel vibe. For a really bold effect you could even install a map wallpaper to one of your walls. This look works especially well in small bathrooms or en suites. For a more subtle version of the Urban Nomad trend bring in architectural elements combined with charcoal grey and masculine geometric patterns.

  • Geometric patterns
  • Maps and globes
  • Architectural
  • Charcoal grey
  • Dark ceramics


Crafted Neutrals

Tranquil and comforting, this calming trend sees materials with subtle tactility, exposed textural details and refined finishes given to humble resources such as cork and bare wood. The colours imbue a sense of stillness. This trend is absolutely perfect if you’re a fan of natural and environmentally elements in a bathroom, elements like bare wood and pure ceramics will create a warm yet neutral scheme for you to add personal elements and accessories. To really add special designer touch to this trend make sure to bring in handmade and artisanal accessories to give your room in a home spun feel. 

  • Warm tones
  • Clay
  • Wood
  • Cork
  • Calming atmosphere


Modern Metallics

Looking to the luxurious design of high performance materials, this trend shines with luminous colour and clean metallics, while opaque materials like glass lend ambient and ethereal qualities to a whole range of lifestyle and bathroom products. The metallic trend clearly isn’t going anywhere so you may already have elements in your home that reflect this popular trend, to keep things modern and new aim to purchase beautifully glossy and high-performance metals for your bathroom. For 2017 its all about the shimmer and shine, don’t forget to mix your metals for an even more eye-catching look – gunmetal and copper work exceptionally well together.

  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Gold
  • Chrome
  • High impact
  • Gloss


Earth Patterns

This direction sees pattern, texture and colour take their cue from the endless variations found on Earth. Natural colours, as well as organic contours, tonal washes and mottled effects, all calmly evoke the natural world. It is easily to feel inspired by this trend call me simply look to the great outdoors to feel inspired by the natural tones, shapes and patterns found in nature. Even the most luxurious bathrooms can easily incorporate earthy textures and colours such as blush pink tones and textured ceramics, a perfect way to make this trend more luxurious. For a more down to earth design move towards natural woods and earthy colour palettes.

  • Swirling pattern
  • Natural colours
  • Natural woods
  • Blush tones