Must Have Technology for your Bathroom

Among the many bathroom trends and desired styles is the high-technology bathroom. Although many of us want to create a relaxing retreat, still others want to make sure they can stay connected to the world and make their bathroom just as advanced as the rest of the home. If you’re leaning towards the tech trend, read on to find out all of your options. You can also pick and choose different elements to add advanced features to any bathroom design.

A quick Google search will yield you results showing some incredible (yet unattainable) technology, but here we’ll focus on practical features that are available to just about anyone.

Start with Your Floors

Not all technological additions to your bathroom are readily noticeable. Add necessary warmth with underfloor heating– each roll uses up much less energy than you may expect. They are also quite reasonable in price and can be easily installed before laying your tile. Controlled by a simple thermostat on the wall, they allow you the pleasure of a warm bathroom and even help to reduce moisture.

Modern Lighting

New lighting options for bathrooms not only look interesting, they use less energy and have futuristic appeal. Try our LED shower lights, for example; they serve as a source of illumination and add real style to the shower. These are the ultimate accessory for a high tech bathroom.


If you simply cannot miss an important call or want to be able to browse the web from the comfort of your bath, you’ll need to be able to stay connected, even in the bathroom. Many hotels have telephones in the bathroom for this very reason and so can you. You’ll also want to ensure you have a good home WiFi signal that reaches the bathroom- this is also great for a bathroom that has a comfortable lounge area. You can catch up on your emails as you relax.

Advanced Bathroom Mirrors and Cabinets

Gone are the days when a medicine cabinet was simply a narrow space to store a few pill bottles and toothbrushes. They still serve the same purpose but now offer additional features like LED lighting, and ways to eliminate steam from the surface entirely.

Our section of Bathroom Mirrors and Cabinets is a fun place to browse for these unique additions to a high tech space. They can also easily be worked into a design that perhaps isn’t so high tech- many bathrooms, especially those with less natural light, can benefit from having more light around the mirror.


To make the bathroom a space for spending more time in, many home owners want to include entertaining features a well. For some this may mean a nice flat screen television mounted on the wall, such as this waterproof television from You can also include a great shower radio or iPod dock to help set the mood- whether you prefer invigorating morning music or soft Zen sounds in the evening.

Hidden Technology

Designing a modern, durable bathroom you’ll inevitably make use of high technology in the least expected of places. The latest basin taps, for example, make use of ceramic disc technology to make them very efficient. Concealed thermostatic shower valves are another fairly new advent in the world of bathroom technology-they allow you to hide the plumbing and set your preferred temperature in order to step into a personalised, perfectly warm shower every time. They’re also great for family safety, as they have an auto shutoff feature in case of water failure, to avoid scalding.
Use these modern bathroom features to help create a high-technology bathroom or add efficient features to your current bathroom plan. You can also visit one of our showrooms, where our experts can explain the latest and greatest new technology options.