Grout Lines

I have never been a big fan of contrasting grout, especially in bathrooms. I made it clear to my builder that all grout was to match the tiles in the bathrooms. He duly noted this and asked for my opinion when the first grout was picked for our main bathroom. It was perfect. I expected the same grout colour to be used in our ensuite as the tiles were similar and I was not around to double-check.

I came back to view the newly grouted bathroom and the first thought that came into my head was ‘Rupert Bear’. Well, to be fair it was Rupert’s scarf and trousers that overtook my mind. The dark grey grout used contrasted superbly with the ivory tiles. The room seemed smaller and all I could see where lines everywhere. My husband asked if we couldn’t just live with it and ‘let’s face it Anna, this is a First World problem, don’t stress about it’. That might be true, but I simply couldn’t have Rupert in my head every time I washed or went to the loo!

I phoned my builder and told him the grout had to go and please would he replace with a more subtle colour. I envisioned them having to rip out the tiles as well and starting all over again; seeing as the tiles came from Italy and would take a couple of weeks to arrive, I was in panic mode. But the builder calmly said ‘no problem’ which was a huge relief.

Turns out that grout doesn’t set properly for 48hours in which time you can scrape it out (believe me I felt bad for the builder) and then re-do. And re-do they did. My ensuite seemed twice the size… twice as bright. I was delighted and had to hold back from hugging the builder. I slept so well that night – and no dreams of Rupert to report…

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