Give me storage

I was 24 when I moved into my first flat-share in London.  There were three of us: me, my sister and our friend Amy. The bathroom was compact but perfectly adequate. We had a decent sized bath, flushable loo and sink large enough to wash in. There was absolutely no storage though. None whatsoever. A mirror above the sink served us well when we were washing off/putting on make-up but it would have been much more practical to have a mirrored cabinet; somewhere at least to put our shampoos.

I remember getting ready for a night out and decided to put on fake eyelashes (for the first time). I was pleased for the mirror above the sink and carefully applied the glue before sticking on the first set of eyelashes. I put them on wonky and then the doorbell rang. My friend Phil was ready to take me out. I realised this was taking too long so I quickly took the fake eyelash off and cleaned my face with a flannel. I could see what looked like my eyelashes in the sink so I looked up at myself in the mirror and was horrified to find I had no eyelashes on my right eye!  I was in panic mode!  With trembling hands, I continued to wash my face and slowly realised that I DID in fact have all my eyelashes. The glue had stuck them altogether in a line on my eye and what I thought were eyelashes in the sink turned out to be mascaraed glue that LOOKED like eyelashes. Good grief, I can’t tell you the relief….

Anyway, back to our bathroom…  We stored all our toiletries in our bedrooms, in large wash bags, all ready for action. I remember having wonderful dreams where our flat had secret storage space. I was so elated, until I woke up to reality.

Storage, it seems, is always high on the list. We never seem to have enough of it; having a place for everything is rather luxurious and certainly makes life easier.

I met my husband-to-be whilst living in this flat. I was impressed by how tidy he was. He shared a house with three other boys and his room was always immaculate – there was a place for everything. He does not hoard.

I don’t like to call myself a hoarder, but I do like to keep things that may one day be useful. Problem is, if it’s not in sight I forget it and then it’s never used and just sits there wasting space.

Our new bathroom cabinet is by Deuco and is less deep than the old one. You cannot cram as much in but you can, however, see everything; nothing gets left to go out of date at the back.

Saneux do a cabinet that is designed to be recessed into a wall thus saving on space as it does not protrude into the room giving a seamless look.  It includes LED lighting and a shaver socket inside.

Wall hung cabinets seem very popular, especially those that incorporate a mirrored door. BAGNODESIGN do some particularly nice ones.

A client of mine has a bidet she has never used and wants it taken out altogether in the new design. She also lacks storage so I am going to use the space behind the bidet (all 30cms deep of it!) to act as hidden storage.

When I cleared out our old bathroom cabinet, I found myself throwing away sachet after sachet of fake tan (given to me) that were seven years out of date!  They were obviously right at the back. I vowed I would not buy new toiletries until the old ones ran out. I have counted six bottles of new shampoo so far. Some habits are hard to break.

iStock_000066531287_Medium      Storage with mirror