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This month we asked lifestyle and interior blogger, Don’t Cramp My Style, to give us a behind-the-scenes look into her bathroom spaces and how she makes them her own. If you’re looking for advice on how to get the best out of a small space, then read on for some great tips and tricks for making more of less.

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I’m one of those lucky girls that has two bathrooms – one with a shower and one with a bath tub. This was the first thing I was drawn to when I first looked around my apartment, as my boyfriend and I always had these fights over the bathroom being occupied whenever we needed it…I can spend hours in the bath and it drove him crazy.

Having two bathrooms has huge positives, but there are some negatives, too. For example, having to clean two bathrooms once a week is not something I look forward to, but having the comfort of doing my make-up in peace or having a longer soak without being disturbed is definitely worth the cleaning time.

The One with The Shower

I use this one every day, and so does my boyfriend. We are very lucky that despite living in a 4 storey apartment block, we still have pretty good power in our electric shower. When it comes to decorating this space, I didn’t really have that much imagination as it is so tiny. Initially, we had used a tension rod storage caddy to keep all our shower products hidden, but the shower cabin is so small we kept knocking it down! We’ve now resorted to just placing the items on a bottom of the shower.

I barely use the sink in here but I do use the shelf above the WC unit to keep all my cosmetics and hair products. My bathroom, despite being dated, has really good quality units which add a sense of luxury to the room. In terms of changes, I would change the flooring first and then the tiles. For the time being I try to add accessories like candles and pretty-yet-functional storage boxes.

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The One with The Bathtub

It’s no secret that this is my favourite place. My boyfriend doesn’t take baths only just quick showers, so this room is entirely for myself! This is also a bigger bathroom so I have more space here. Apart from taking long baths every weekend, I also use this space to dye my pink hair once a week and I always do my makeup in here. I have a decent sized bath tub, and I have re-used part of some furniture as my bath tub caddy.

I have baskets from Primark and candles from Homesense…these days you can buy really cool accessories from high street stores. Bubble baths with candles, a pot of fresh flowers and my favourite book, finished up with a glass of Prosecco, wine or just tea create the ideal atmosphere for relaxing in.

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