Five of the Biggest Bathroom Design Mistakes

Along with our top recommendations for your bathroom design, it’s fun to include a few things that you shouldn’t do. We’ve all seen the sort of horrible bathrooms that we’d never want to have in our homes- avoid these blunders and you should be well on your way to designing a beautiful new room.

Coloured Bathroom Furniture

There’s simply no excuse for a bathroom suite in any colour other than white. You may feel tempted by a neutral colour like beige or grey but remember that these won’t age well with your home. They won’t provide a nice white canvas for redecorating or look attractive to future buyers should the time come to sell your home.


Bathrooms are damp places by nature and carpets (including too-large rugs) can really be unsanitary. They soak up moisture. If you really want to have plush flooring, opt for a thick bathroom-specific bath mat.

Cheap Vinyl Flooring

Budget is always an important consideration, but don’t cut corners on your flooring if you want it to last. There are plenty of options for inexpensive tile if need be. Don’t cheapen your new bathroom suite with awful linoleum that will just need to be replaced.

Improper Storage

When you don’t incorporate adequate storage into your design, chances are your health and grooming products will be on display for everyone to see. This not only makes your space look cluttered, it can remove any element of privacy.

Add in discreet, closed cupboards for things like medicines and creams. If you choose to display any products they should be your best milled soaps or pretty designer bottles.

Lack of Ventilation

If you’re unable to properly get rid of steam and moisture your bathroom, no matter how modern, will be difficult to maintain. Consider the number of windows in the room and evaluate your need for a good extractor fan. Heating can also help drops of water dry more quickly.

Allow us to help you evaluate your proposed design to avoid any possible mishaps- we offer a full bathroom design service to assist you from start to finish.