Eyes Wide Open

I realise there are two types of people when it comes to interiors: you either notice it or you don’t. I could talk for hours about interiors and thankfully my mum can too. I have, room by room, re-designed my parents’ house to take their B&B to another level. Mum and I will happily go from one room to the other and chatter for hours about how much (and why) we like certain design elements.

My husband despairs of me.

Those who stay for B&B either enthuse over the décor or barely look around and just want to know what time breakfast is. My mum and I find this hard to digest. Can they not see how carefully I’ve matched the hue of the bedspread with the hue of the wallpaper and curtains?

Now our own house renovations are finished I delight in showing people around, although maybe showing the delivery guy around was a step too far (judging by the glares I got from my husband).

“But darling, he’s been coming every week for the last six months – he’s practically a friend!”

I’ve had friends over who cannot wait to see every room in detail, and others whom I feel I’m literally forcing upstairs to look at the bedrooms and bathrooms. I really must stop this.

I think my favourite room is possibly our ensuite. The underfloor heating gently heats the room – a welcome on cold, frosty days; the lighting is warm and inviting; the walk -in shower a beautiful focal point; the double-sink vanity unit suddenly seems a must and the demisted full length mirror adds glamour.

And yes, I would have to explain all this to the person I’ve just forced upstairs!