Ensuite Baths: Designing a Bathroom for Two

When remodelling an ensuite bath it’s important to keep both users’ comfort in mind. An ensuite renovation can represent a significant cost outlay and you’ll really want to be happy with the results. It may require a bit of compromise from both sides, but with clever planning from the very start you can have a bathroom that you agree is practical and stylish.

Read on for a few of our best tips for creating a space that meets everyone’s needs.

Who will be using the Bath and Shower Most?

Consider who will be using the bath and shower more often- if the lady of the house enjoys a nightly soak after a long day it only makes sense that she has more say when it comes to choosing the bath. The shower should be designed to be convenient for both users- a ceiling mounted fixed shower head, for example, will allow for even a very tall person to shower comfortably.

Dual Basins

If you’ve got the space, you can’t go wrong with two basins. This allows you to separate your toiletries and can really make mornings easier; instead of having to push each other out of the way you can get ready side by side.

Whether you choose to install two separate vanity units with basins or perhaps a single long cabinet with two counter top basins, the extra space is extremely convenient.

Neutral Décor

Decorate your ensuite bath in a style that’s pleasing to both parties. Often this means installing mainly neutral fixtures and furniture and then adding your own personal touches to make it unique. As a shared space it should be a blend of masculine and feminine, a luxurious retreat that you can both admire.

For questions about your ensuite bath design and fixtures, contact Hugo Oliver.