Doubling Up

My husband and I had always dreamed of, one day, having a double sink in our bathroom. We looked forward to having our own teeth-brushing, face-washing, hand-rinsing space. It may have meant double the cleaning but we (mainly me) were prepared for that.

We looked at trough-style sinks in a deep blue marbled stone which, we felt, would add an organic, masculine feel to the room (Basalt basins by Forzalaqua). Then we looked at counter-top sinks, sitting on sleek contemporary units (Metreaux collection by Bagnodesign).  Then there was the unit to consider. We knew we wanted wall-hung but did we want two drawers spanning the width of the unit or one draw on either side?  Did we want push-to-open, handles or handless?

We decided on an inset sink vanity unit (handless) and as the basins and deck are one piece it would be easy to clean (yes, back to that!). We have put LED lights underneath which nicely show off our much-wanted furniture.

So now, after our nights out, there are no more fights around the sink. No waiting patiently (although I think we can both agree we were never that patient) till the other one got out of the way and didn’t spit or splash on us in the process. We have his ‘n’ hers. The left side is his. The right side is mine. The left side has a gleaming tap – ALWAYS. The right side has water marks – most of the time.

My husband (being slightly OCD) has counted how many times in the last three months we have both used the sink together. It turns out only twice. TWICE!

We do not regret our decision – we love our double sink unit. It hangs resplendent in our bathroom and adds to the wow factor we’ve tried to create.

My husband had a eureka moment the other morning while we were both getting ready for work, ‘I know why your tap is always so watermarked’ he told me, ‘you shake your hands after rinsing them’.  I had never before considered this but now find it quite odd that he doesn’t shake his hands too – the water must be dripping onto the floor. Mind you, with the underfloor heating drying it so quickly, who cares?!

 double sink 3   Double sink - 2a cropped