DIY – How To Make Scented Floral Arrangements

Many bathrooms will benefit from a naturally sweet smelling hand tied bouquet of flowers. Transforming roses, babies breath, rosemary and other scented flowers in a handmade posey for your bathroom is rewarding and fun. Spend and hour or so creating these beautiful bouquets to brighten up your bathroom, they are also a natural alternative to masking those slightly less pleasant bathroom odours.

Keep reading to find out how to make your own perfect hand tied bunch.

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What you need:

Scented fine stemmed flowers of your choice

Filler of smaller blooms and foliage

Ribbon to tie bouquet

Vase or Jug


Step 1.

Begin by holding the hero or lead flowers in your left hand, we recommend roses, peonies, chrysthanthemums or hydrangeas. Use your right hand to add in other filler flowers and foliage to the bunch. Keep the flowers held in place in your palm and use your thumb and index finger to grip and release as you add more flowers.  Do the same action with opposite hands if you are left handed. After adding three flowers or foliage turn the bunch to make sure you are adding in flowers evenly around the whole bunch. Keep adding in three flowers and turning until you are happy with the fullness of the bouquet.

Step 2.

For an attractive rounded shape make sure the most centred flowers are the highest and the blooms and foliage surrounding these are dropped at each level to create a pretty domed shape. Make sure that your hero blooms and filler flowers are evenly distributed for a balanced and even look. Finish your arrangement with extra foliage around the bunch to form a pretty collar for that extra professional finish.

Step 3.

Trim all your stems with a pair of scissors to an equal length, make sure your flowers can fit comfortably in your selected vase. Grip your ribbon with your little finger to keep it in place and wrap around the bouquet a few times until it feels tight, finish with a neat bow. Place your bouquet into a vase filled with fresh water and place the arrangement proudly in your bathroom.