DIY – How To Make Moisturising Soap

Nothing is more satisfying than making your own collection of beautifully scented natural soaps. Why waste your money buying soaps filled with chemicals when you can make your own natural version at home? If you wanted to make individual soaps for your friends or family this recipe is totally customisable. Add in exfoliating ingredients like pumice or clay or you could use dried lavender for a calming effect. 

What you’ll need:

Silicone moulds
Soap Base – we used a shea butter, but a goat’s milk base is also very moisturising
Essential oils like spruce, rosemary and mandarin
Exfoliating ingredient, like salt or chopped rosemary
Rhassoul Clay – you can skip this but clay helps to soften skin and gives a deep cleanse, drawing out dirt and impurities

Cut your soap base into cubes and slowly melt on a low heat. Use an old pot that you don’t cook with otherwise your pot may taste a little soapy afterwards. 

Using a metal spoon rather than a wooden one, stir continuously so your soap doesn’t burn at the bottom of your pan. 

Once your soap is melted take it off the heat and add your oils. Add six drops of oil per cup of soap base. Please make sure you buy cosmetic grade oils that are safe to be applied to the skin. As a rule, always buy the most expensive essential oils you can afford as these will be the most potent and safe to use.

If using an exfoliant add that now or sprinkle on the top of your soap as it’s setting in your mould for a pretty layer on the top. Finally add in the Rhassoul clay and pour the soap into a clean mould or ice cube tray.

Leave the soap to set over night and then pop out of the mould onto a soap dish! As this soap is completely natural it is perfect to use on the face and body and is even safe for people with sensitive skin.

If you don’t want a moisturising soap try using a different base like glycerine. Glycerine is totally clear so it works wonderfully if you are adding in slices of fruit or whole flowers.