Creating a Warm & Natural Bathroom Space

Everyone has different desires for their bathroom, and these can even vary according to the season. During the colder months having a warm bathroom with nature-inspired finishes can seem like the perfect plan for your space.

Once summer comes around, your bathroom will still be every bit as inviting; using white furniture and neutral-toned accents you can create the perfect balance between functionality and visual appeal; this design also goes hand in hand with the eco-friendly bathroom concept.

Start by choosing a bath, shower and toilet with smooth lines. You rarely find sharp edges in nature; each piece should feel organic. Our Lauren Bathroom Suite is a good place to start- both the toilet and bath have soft edges and would fit well in a natural-style bathroom.

Our stone basins will offer a Zen-feel to the space. Choose from travertine, basalt or bluestone to create a lovely focal point. You can then add a waterfall tap to further add to the ambiance, with the sound of a gently flowing stream.

The colours you choose for your bathroom should be neutral yet warm- think deep browns, warm beige and even a lovely shade of green for an accent wall. Do shy away from using too much colour on permanent fixtures, as they’ll be difficult to replace if you decide to redecorate in the future.

Natural bathrooms are also the appropriate place to feature wood accents- from a warm wood basin unit like our Brettany Floor Mounted Unit in soft oak to a repurposed wood cupboard or even a piece of driftwood made into a shelf or counter top.

The idea is to incorporate elements of the natural world- indoor plants (especially those that thrive in more moist environments) also make a nice addition.

For your floors and wall tiles, you can choose from options such as natural stone and recycled hardwood floors among others.