How to Create a Glamourous Bathroom

Interior design ideas that incorporate luxurious or glamorous touches are becoming increasingly popular,  all you need to do is open Pinterest or any interior design magazine to see that luxury is back. Luxurious bathroom design is set to be a huge trend in 2017 so now is the perfect time to begin planning your new glitzy space. If you want to banish boredom and simple design from your home simply read our guide below to help you create your perfectly indulgent bathroom.


The walls of your bathroom are the perfect starting point and act as a blank canvas to help you create a glamorous space. Mirrored or metallic tiles are an excellent way to make your bathroom feel incredibly indulgent. The subway tile shape will make your bathroom appear extremely current and trendy and by combining this with a reflective or mirrored finish you will bring in opulence and light into your room. You could also wallpaper your bathroom with a subtle classic pattern or a metallic faux bois effect which was incredibly popular in the 1920’s and 30’s.



Nothing says glamour like a slipper or clawfoot bath, if a standard freestanding bath simply isn’t glamorous and nothing you an even more luxurious option you could opt for a is a copper or polished chrome bathtub. Imagine the sort of bathing experience a silver screen starlet would experience in her dressing room and incorporate that look into your bathroom. Remember to keep a beautifully upholstered chair or smart shelving unit near your bath so you can display your fanciest bathrobe and toiletries near you whilst you bathe.

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The gorgeous soft tones and swirls seen in marble epitomises the glamour trend, there are many simple ways that you can incorporate marble into your bathroom depending on the effect you are looking to achieve. If you only want a touch of this luxurious stone in your room you cant incorporate it in your accessories. Purchase marble or faux marble toothbrush holders and other small storage pots to place around your vanity sink area. If you’d like to pack more of a punch you could opt for a marble worktop or marble tiles in your bathroom, and don’t worry If you’re on a budget as faux marble tiles made from porcelain are almost as beautiful as the real thing. To see our range of beautiful faux marble bathrooms simply pay our show room in Charlton a visit.


Large frameless walk in showers or wet rooms that have a low profile design will always look expensive without actually having a high price tag. Large glass enclosures to house showers will separate the rest of the bathroom making your showering experience even more relaxing, adding a rain shower or wall jets will finish off this minimalistic look. Tiling your shower area in a luxurious material like marble or agate will add a shimmering effect to the walls, which will offer an expensive and ethereal look.

Close up of Porcelain Sink

His and Hers

If you have this space installing a his and hers Vanity unit work ensure that your bathroom looks as beautifully glamorous as it possibly can be, Match double sinks with traditional looking towel rails for a unified and classic look. There are plenty of brands that specialise in the reproduction of vintage furniture and bathroom fittings to ensure that any home can have that luxurious feel without compromising on efficiency and ease of installation. For a classic his and his setup why not opt for a beautiful Victorian inspired vanity with a porcelain or marble worktop and vintage style taps. Complete the look with a beautiful soap dispensers, monogrammed hand towels and vases of flowers.

If you need even more inspiration don’t forget to take a look at our glamorous bathroom Pinterest board here.