Cloakrooms: How Small is Too Small?

If your home already has a cloakroom and you’re thinking about remodelling it, you already have a set space to work within (unless of course you plan to expand into the adjacent room). However, if you’re planning to convert a cupboard, space under the stairs or other small space into a cloakroom you may be wondering just how small you can make it and still have things work.

It’s important to remember before starting off that building regulations in the UK require permission to install a new toilet. Also, if you have a toilet you must also have a basin with hot and cold water. Your cloakroom must either have a window that can be opened or an acceptable form of mechanical ventilation.

The smallest cloakrooms must still have at least 600mm-700mm between the door and edge of the toilet seat. In this scenario your door should open outwards. The width of the space should be at least 1 metre wide- this will allow just enough room for the toilet to be used comfortably.

At Bathroom Heaven we have tiny cloakroom furniture that will allow you to make the most of your very small space. Have a look at the Aerial Corner Basin; it can be fitted in the corner next to the toilet, allowing you to leave the rest of the space open.

Our tiniest toilets include the Aerial Compact Close Coupled Toilet (for a matching suite). With a projection of just 610mm it’s an excellent space-saver. You can also opt for a back to wall toilet with concealed cistern. Installing the frame is a bit more work, but you’ll be saving valuable room- our Cloude Small Back to Wall Toilet has a projection of just 49cm.

For specific questions about the space you’re considering for your cloakroom, contact our friendly experts.