Technology is calling…

Before our build I charged my electric toothbrush just under the bed, next to all the piles of boxes holding ‘important stuff’ (which eventually got chucked away) and where there was a plugged-in extension lead. It usually involved unplugging something to accommodate the toothbrush. I found this very annoying. Even more so when it fell over and I’d step out of bed and onto it (not so hygienic).

I don’t like a toothbrush on display. My husband even less so. We did not have room in our ensuite to put in a cabinet, but if we did I would certainly have put in a socket for recharging an electric toothbrush.

I have instead put an electrical socket at the back of our built-in wardrobe. This is where I place my toothbrush when it needs recharging. No more fumbling under the dusty bed.

Did you know that if you smear soap onto a mirror and then wipe off with a dry towel it stops it steaming up?  I used to do this all the time; it’s no wonder the soap ran out so quickly. But why not install a demister pad behind the mirror?  It’s worth every penny if you ask me, and can be connected to the light circuit so it comes on when they are on. I’ve noticed it gets quite hot, and because we have a full-length mirror it acts as a radiator! I’ve set ours into the tiles to give a seamless look. With lights above, it’s very showbiz!

HiB do cabinets with built-in sockets, de-mister pads (in the mirrored doors) and sensor control lighting. They also do steam-free, LED illuminated, Bluetooth mirrors with speakers, so you can play music or listen to internet radio from your smart phone or other Bluetooth devices. Singing in the shower just got a whole lot better.

I’ve never understood why shower controls are put just under the shower: you have to either turn them on and move your hand away quickly, or face the fact you’re gonna get a wet arm – worse still when the water’s freezing cold.  Mira have a digitally shower with wireless control where you can set the temperature (making it very safe for kids). It has a warm-up feature which gently heats the water to your ideal temperature, then switches the flow off until you’re ready to get in. It includes a timing feature so you can set your precise showering time, saving energy and water. The wireless control can be placed up to 10 metres away from the shower, or alternatively you could choose to have two controls– one in the shower, one outside.

My favourite piece of technology in our bathrooms is actually the extractor fans. We used to get terrible mould in our bathroom, and because we had an artex ceiling cleaning off the mould was a nasty business. The new Hib fan is quiet, but more importantly it works. Our old one did not and was filled with filthy dust which was impossible to clean. I imagined it coming on out of the blue and the dust flying all over the place.  Our new one has a cover over it making it blend in to the room. Gosh I never thought I’d love a fan so much!

Then there is the underfloor heating to consider. Personally I think it’s a must. It comes in a rolled up matt (Cosytoes) which is then laid out and cut (but not the cable) when you reach an obstruction. The matt can then be rotated and laid down again until the floor area is covered. Underfloor heating works at a lower temperature and works particularly well with tiles and stone,making it a popular choice for bathrooms. Due to the lower temperatures an underfloor heating system will take longer to heat a room, so it is vital to combine it with a timer. As bathrooms generally are small areas, the electric flooring is relatively cheap to run. We have had a lot of ‘oooh, you’ve got underfloor heating, how lovely!’  It does make a difference.  After nearly nine months of using our new bathrooms, I still get excited about the lovely warm floor.

My parents installed two heated toilet seats in their home a few years ago. I thought this very funny. My husband thought it was ridiculous. Actually, it’s a dream. I get very excited on a cold winter’s day knowing that my derrière is going to be treated to such warmth and comfort. Geberit AquaClean Mera has numerous features including WhirlSpray shower technology that provides a thorough clean, whilst being gentle with a quick and continuous supply of warm water, patented TurboFlush technology, an orientation light, a WC lid automatic function, WC seat heating and integrated odour extraction. Trouble is, you might not want to get up for a bit so make sure there’s a good book at hand…