Blinds anyone?

I spent a long time deciding on the right colour for the venetian blinds I was going to get made for our ensuite. My husband was kind enough to feign interest and thought my colour choice was good. After 12 samples, which all looked alike, I think he did well to stay so focused.

The builder came back especially to put them up (our house renovations were well and truly complete) but he broke two drill bits and had to go out to buy more. He eventually got the two smaller blinds up and apologised profusely for not managing to get the last one up before leaving. He was back at 8am promptly the next day to finish the job. I felt terrible telling him not to bother, but thanks ever-so-much for getting here so early. The reality was I hated the blinds.  The colour was great, I will hastily add, but it all looked too busy, what with all the slats and two cords on either side. They just weren’t working for me. Now how to tell the husband?…….


I waited till he was in a fabulous mood: lucky for me he came home that night from a boozy work lunch (he berates me for always telling him bad news, or wanting to get the right answer from him, when he is in this state). He spent a good few minutes going through all the things we could have bought with the wasted money, but with a big grin on his face, I knew all was ok.

A month later and my newly made roman blinds arrived, and the lovely builder returned to put them up; I think my lengthy and over-the-top smil
e slightly freaked him out. It was worth all the hassle though. I love my blinds. My husband loves the blinds. We are very happy.

Electric underfloor heating is so easy to install these days and helps enormously in keeping a bathroom dry; along with a good extractor fan, mould issues should be a thing of the past. With this in mind, I like to use non-waterproof material which is softer and adds a touch of class to any bathroom, especially when made into roman blinds. If you are unlikely to ever let the blinds down, then it’s worth considering having false roman blinds made, usin
g only enough material for one or two folds. This will save money otherwise spent on extra material which will never be seen.  If the window to be dressed is close to the shower then you’re better off getting a roller blind made from a waterproof material.

A dressed window can make a big difference to a room. It helps to soften the look and absorb any echoes that can be prevalent in a tiled room. There are many companies available who will send out samples and make your blinds to fit be it roller, roman or venetian.

I once heard Naomi Cleaver talk at an interior design show. She relayed how she had painted a client’s rather large room in a gentle grey colour, but it ended up looking incredibly lilac and had to be re-painted. Her painter was not particularly pleased. I had to think back to this after my blind escapade – it softened the blow just a little.

Now…..who needs three grey venetian blinds?….

Contemporary-Bathroom-000013345548_Large Bathroom-with-the-view-of-towels,-blinds,-bathfoam-000004751072_Large luxury modern bathroom bathtub