Bathroom Storage: Thinking Outside the Box

Storage is a key consideration for most bathrooms- it can truly make the difference between a space where things can be efficiently stored away and one that becomes cluttered with bits and bobs. Take advantage of your new bathroom design to add the perfect amount of storage, or improve your current bathroom with a few extra places to put your things.

Here on our site you’ll find attractive bathroom cupboards to suit any space, from small square wall cupboards to tall narrow cupboards and even swivel storage units. Each has the potential to become your ideal storage solution; but, you can also take advantage of a few creative storage solutions. Read on to find out more.

If you prefer the fitted bathroom furniture look, our White Bathroom Furniture section is a good place to start. Here you can select from a wide range of cupboard and drawer units. They can be installed in any combination to create a bespoke design. Bring your bathroom measurements to one of our showrooms and our experts can help you match each item to the next, taking full advantage of the space you may have next to your toilet or basin.

To make the most of the storage space potential beneath your basin, a bathroom vanity unit is the way to go. Vanity unit design has progressed dramatically over the years; all to your benefit. No longer limited to drab cupboards with rickety doors, you can now select from vanity units that can easily become the focal point of the room. Have a look at the vanity units on our site- you’ll find a range of options for the most traditional to most modern bathroom designs.

One of our latest and most modern storage options is our Swivel Storage Units. They feature a mirrored side and full shelving inside. Not only will they hold a range of bathroom products, they add a high tech feel to the space and even reflect light.

If a natural, warm-toned bathroom is your goal, shop our range of Brettany Bathroom Furniture. Each piece is available in soft oak or wenge finishes; a beautiful complement to white bathroom fixtures.

In addition to your permanent bathroom storage fixtures, you can easily get creative with your storage solutions. A quick internet search will yield plenty of images and options for any space and any budget.

Some solutions are simple enough to add to your bathroom today. Try adding a stack of chic wicker baskets. These can often be fitted into small spaces- they are great for tucking away toilet roll, cleaning products or even the kids’ bath toys.

For a week-end DIY project, get out your drill and install a few open shelves to hold products or rolled towels. Open shelves have the added bonus of keeping your space open and helping your bathroom look larger, by allowing the eye to travel to the far wall. Whilst you’ve got your tools out, why not add an extra towel rail or robe hook? They are great for preventing things from ending up on the floor.

You can even nick items from other parts of the house and use them to store your lotions, creams, washes and face cloths. A wire vegetable rack can work wonders, allowing you to use each tier for something different. Or, try a shoe rack to organise all of your bathroom supplies and keep them neat and tidy. When you have a solid base of elegant bathroom furniture you can easily add less conventional storage solutions without making the space look kitschy.

Call our experts and explain your bathroom storage needs! We are happy to help you design an efficient solution.