Bathroom Renovations

My bathroom was in a sorry state. I had to remind myself not to lean on the sink as it had a tendency to fall forward, along with the underneath cabinet it was attached to.  The toilet was so far forward due to the built-in cabinet it sat in front of, that one tended to have the door slammed into one’s knees if any other family member walked in; and walk in they would as the lock did not work. Kept meaning to fix that.

We inherited the bathroom when we bought our modest house seven years ago. We did a lot of work to the house but never got round to the bathroom.  Even the overhead shower sat redundant as it was never properly connected. So we had baths every night; first the two kids, then me, then my husband – one after the other in the same water. I’m not sure if my husband actually got out any cleaner…

This is all set to change now that we are finally stating work on our extension and we’ll have not one, not two but three new bathrooms installed (ok so the third is a cloakroom but still exciting).  I will truly be in Bathroom Heaven!