An All-White Bathroom in All its Glory

White bathroom furniture is an obvious choice when it comes to creating a fresh design and making the room feel spacious and open. To balance all the white, many people immediately seek to create harmony by using colour. They’ll look for different coloured tiles, flooring and accessories; but, whilst it’s true that other colours can make white bathroom fixtures stand out, an all-white bathroom can be just as dazzling.

If you love the streamlined look of a monochromatic, impeccable room, an all-white bathroom might be the perfect choice. Certain accessories can help you break up the monotony and actually enhance the look and feel of the white furniture, flooring and walls.

The first addition to consider is mirrors- somehow they highlight each fixture, adding light and depth without the use of additional colour.

You can then move on to consider adding a crystal chandelier or stainless steel light fixture. These finishes accent white without competing with it or creating too much contrast.

Black and white photos match a white bathroom design to a T, choose one by your favourite photographer or have a family photo enlarged. Make your bathroom into an international escape with several framed black and white photos of an exotic locale.

Plants are another excellent addition to a white bathroom space. Instead of colourful towels, curtains or bath mat, go for all white linens and soften the room through the use of plants. A lush fern will make the room look natural and inviting- ferns love moisture, meaning they’ll flourish in the bathroom.

You can also opt for a vase of white flowers, such as lilies, peonies or tulips. Keeping your all-white bathroom stocked with fresh flowers can be a lovely little indulgence, and all you need to make the space interesting for you and your guests.

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