Everything You Need To Know About Pedestal Basins

Increasing numbers of home-owners are turning to DIY for their homes. For many it has turned into a rewarding pastime- there’s nothing quite like enjoying the results of your own labours and knowing you’ve singlehandedly added value to your home. You have full creative control over every step of the project; plus, doing it yourself is often cheaper, provided you do it correctly.

This last point is why it can be best to go with a tried and true favourite like a pedestal sink. There are minimal installation requirements for fitting one into your bathroom; they don’t need to be attached to a reinforced wall or screwed in tight to existing studs.

Pedestal basins go well with traditional bathroom suites but can also be quite modern. They don’t offer the ‘floating’ illusion of a wall hung or half pedestal basin but in truth they take up very little floor space.

Our Louisa model is a good example of a pedestal basin that is elegant, chic and small. It is also manufactured in high quality ceramic, making it sure to last over the years. With plumbing concealed within the pedestal there’s no need to use a bottle trap or heavy half pedestal- you’ll simply place the basin on the pedestal and screw the back of it to the wall to hold it in place.

Lauren Pedestal BasinLarger bathrooms are a natural fit for a pedestal basin. The Cruise Large Pedestal Basin is a popular choice and part of our best-selling range. It is sleek with a hardwearing glazed finish and comes with a 25 year guarantee.

The latest addition to our pedestal basin collection is the Amara Circular Floor Mounted Basin. This one piece basin can become a column-like art piece in your bathroom and its rounded edges are both soothing and modern.

Although wall hung and countertop basins certainly have their appeal, pedestal basins are both easy to install and timelessly elegant.