Adding Colour to Your Bathroom

A basic white bathroom suite is a great base for a super stylish room. Most of us have a pretty simple white scheme and lots of properties will come with white fittings but how can you add personality to your space? With lots of colour of course. You really don’t have to spend a fortune injecting colour into your bathroom, a few simple touches is all you need to make your space stand out from the crowd.


Tiles can be an inexpensive way to add real drama to your bathroom. If you want to go bold you could tile the entire floor and walls with coloured tiles. Mosaics work wonderfully around a bath or in a shower area and you can purchase them in thousands of different colours. Try mixing and matching coloured tiles for an eclectic look or opt for patterned tiles. For something a little different why not choose a Moroccan or geometric tile pattern to really add depth to your bathroom?

Luxury bathroom, design and modern style, twin sinks in a bowl shape, wooden cabinet with pink and purple doors


The world is your oyster in terms of paint but remember these rules. Dark colours will make a room feel smaller and more cosy whilst bright colours will open up the space. Keep your bathroom ceiling white to add an open feeling to the room. You can have an accent wall which will feature a bright pop of colour if you like to keep things fun.


If you do like to keep the majority of your room white why not buy a few colourful accessories? Pastel tones are a huge trend at the moment and look wonderful against a white backdrop. Warm metals like copper, brass and gold also look wonderful with white and black elements. Why not go for some coloured grouting and place a few accessories around the room to make things really pop.

Blue modern bathroom

If you have a large window you could install some beautiful curtains to add in some colour. If curtains aren’t an option and you prefer a more modern look blinds will work just as well. Towels are a really easy way to bring in some colour and pattern plus there are so many options to choose from. You don’t need to stop at the towels either, you could also bring in some contrasting facecloths and guest towels. These folded up or hanging on a rail will really add some interest.


If you love to bring the outdoors inside plants are fantastic and natural way to bring in some colour. Depending on the style of your bathroom, plants can really add to your scheme and almost all types of room could do with some greenery. If you have a modern scheme succulents and cacti are a perfect minimalistic addition. If you’d like some more colour why not bring in fresh bouquets of your favourite flowers? Plants also help to purify the air and many flowers are scented making them a perfect addition to any bathroom.

Washbasin with towel and decoration in bathroom

Don’t forget that if you need any help injecting colour into your bathroom we are always here to help. Our design experts are always more than willing to advise you with your bathroom design.