You might be surprised by what you can make out of a smaller space – especially a luxury cloakroom or a small bathroom. Small spaces require big decisions, and here at Hugo Oliver we have an entire range of slim units and elegant basins that fit perfectly even in the most awkwardly-sized rooms.

Our Luxury Cloakroom Products


Sinks can be considerable space wasters, and in the tightest of spaces it's certainly not ideal to have a basin protruding out of a wall and limiting accessibility to the rest of the room. Our petite designer basins are perfect for cloakrooms, and despite shrinking in size they still remain as stylish, luxurious and elegant as their full-size counterparts.

Our cloakroom basins have been created in a range of designs, including sleek square units with angular corners and smooth, curved styles. The corner basin is an ideal solution for filling awkward unused corners, while petite sinks with towel rails attached utilise the remaining empty space below the basin.

Storage is still essential even in the smallest spaces as clutter can make a tight space feel even smaller. Maximise the use of the space beneath your sink by adding a slim vanity unit. Classic white finishes will work well for many styles, whereas wooden finishes can create a rustic, quaint feel to the cloakroom.

Slim, wall-hung toilets and wall-hung fittings prevent a cloakroom or small bathroom from feeling overfilled. Making sure the room is well-lit ensures the space doesn't feel claustrophobic too, while adding a mirror with LED lights can create the illusion that the space appears larger than it really is.

For further inspiration on how to transform your smaller spaces into beautiful, bespoke bathrooms, visit our showroom on the Greenwich peninsular or browse our cloakroom collection online.

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