Perfect for creating a spa-like feel to your bathroom, our stone basins are carefully crafted from the most beautiful, natural materials. Every basin has a slightly different finish due to the nature of the stone, making each piece completely individual. Constructed by a handful of our premium designers, each Hugo Oliver stone basin promises to excel in both quality and style.

Our Range of Stone Basins

Stone basins tend to work best in contemporary bathrooms, particularly counter styles. Traditional bathrooms can still enjoy a stone basin, but we recommend sticking to lighter, neutral stones like travertine.

For modern bathrooms who lean towards a sleek, more minimalistic aesthetic, basins crafted from black granite and blue stone will create an eye-catching contrast with white décor. Stone basins, particularly rounded countertop basins, look stunning placed in bathrooms with earthy undertones and wooden vanity units. Minimal, organic accents throughout a bathroom can really help to promote calm and tranquillity.

The smooth texture of stone is what makes our basins so luxurious. Formed from one piece of stone, the design is seamless. The stone can be transformed into various shapes and sizes too, including curved, bowl-shaped basins and angular, structured designs.

You can view our complete collection of bespoke basins at our south London store. Here, you'll find our design team who will be delighted to offer their bathroom design services to you. Working together, you can create your dream bathroom with Hugo Oliver. If you're not local to London, don't worry! Take a further browse around our online store, and get in touch to see how we can help you with your bathroom makeover from your home.

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