Minimal, sophisticated and stylish, floor-mounted basins are the perfect addition to any contemporary bathroom. A modern take on traditional pedestal styles, the floor-mounted basin is a fantastic way to add a hint of luxury into a room while simultaneously hiding unsightly pipework from view.

Finding the right floor-mounted basin

At Hugo Oliver, our collection of premium designers each have their own individual style. From extremely minimal designs, to highly contemporary floor-mounted basins made from unique materials, we can guarantee that at least one of our designers will be perfect for you and your bathroom.

Floor-mounted basins are completely separated from the wall, standing anywhere in a room. This freedom releases your bathroom from any restrictions, enabling you to design your bathroom space exactly as you want it. For ultra-modern rooms, opt for angular designs with sleek square edges. Smooth, curved floor-mounted basins provide a softer feel and work well in almost any bathroom space.

The material of your floor-mounted basin can completely transform its overall look. Simplistic white ceramic can blend seamlessly into minimalist bathrooms, while more unusual materials such as stone and concrete add a rustic, earthy feel.

Our entire range of luxurious, designer basins is waiting to be discovered online or in one of our store. If you're planning a complete bathroom makeover, make sure you take a look at our bespoke bathroom design services where our team of experts will work closely with you to create your ultimate, dream bathroom.

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