Cisterns are an essential element of every toilet, but sadly they can look a little unsightly and out-of-place in a contemporary home, interrupting the simplistic, minimal feel of many modern bathrooms. We’ve provided a stylistic solution in the form of our designer frame and cistern covers.

In true Hugo Oliver fashion, our WC frame and cistern covers have been created by a range of premium bathroom designer brands and assure longevity due to the high quality materials that have been used. Sleek and streamlined, our covers can even be used in cloakrooms and other tight spaces without looking bulky. In fact, by concealing the practical parts of the toilet, your bathroom will appear less cluttered.

Toilets are never a focal point within a bathroom, but it doesn't mean they can't blend seamlessly into the overall design with elegance and style. Our luxurious collection of WC frame and cistern covers varies greatly in design, with wooden styles working wonderfully within more traditional bathrooms and glossy white and black designs complementing contemporary rooms.

Our frame and cistern covers are just one part of our bespoke toilet collection, and you can view part of the luxury range online or in our London showroom. Remember, if your bathroom needs a complete makeover, we offer a bespoke design service both in store and online where our team of interior experts will work with you to create your perfect bathroom.

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