Bathroom scales are an essential accessory for many, promoting a healthy lifestyle and enabling you to keep on top of your fitness regime. It may be something that’s incredibly functional, but here at Hugo Oliver we believe that even the most practical accessories can still be beautiful. Our range of designer bathroom scales excel in style, and they look so chic you’ll no longer be tucking them away to keep them out of sight.

Selecting your bathroom scales


Every single bathroom scale offered by Hugo Oliver provides extremely accurate readings. The high-precision, digital designs promise to stay reliable even over time, making them superior to analogue scales which are often susceptible to wear and tear. Digital scales tend to be more aesthetically pleasing too, with sleeker, more discreet designs.

Our bathroom scales are extremely strong, and feature toughened glass for support. Design-wise, many popular styles use clear glass for a minimalist look, adding chrome touches to enhance the overall modern feel. If you're planning on moving your scales onto carpet or uneven floor, innovative carpet feet can help to keep readings accurate.

The latest technology is also infused into many of our digital bathroom scales. Smart scales are ideal for fitness enthusiasts, measuring body mass index, body fat and muscle mass alongside weight. Many smart scales can also be linked to smartphones and smartwatches, linking to fitness apps and creating fitness profiles to help you track your progress.

To view our entire range of luxurious bathroom scales, you can browse our collection online or visit our showroom and speak to one of our bathroom experts.

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