Mirrors are bathroom essentials, there’s no doubt about that. We all use them regularly, and there’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to see your reflection clearly. Our designer LED mirrors combat this problem in style, and make beautiful feature pieces in a bathroom.

The benefits of LED mirrors


At Hugo Oliver, we have an expansive collection of designer LED mirrors. Our mirrors are all produced with the highest quality glass, and include many innovative features to add that extra special touch of luxury. The LED lights themselves are long-lasting and highly efficient, meaning you won't have to worry about changing the bulbs. You'll also save on electricity too.

LED bulbs also provide one of the brightest, purest lights which is ideal for applying makeup. Ordinary lights can often cast a yellow tint, particularly during the night. LED bulbs use a pure white light that illuminates the entire face and prevents shadows. If you're a frequent make-up wearer or enjoy taking your time when it comes to grooming, you might also enjoy using an LED mirror with magnified glass.

We have a wide variety of LED mirrors available, with styles for both traditional and modern homes. Simplistic, rectangular shapes look particularly sleek in modern bathrooms while elegant oval designs work beautifully with contemporary and traditional bathrooms alike. The LED lights can frame the entire mirror, or feature as spotlights dotted along the length to add a retro feel.

Our designer LED mirrors can combat steam too, with many designs featuring an anti-fog coating so you can always see clearly, no matter what.

LED mirrors are just one of the luxurious bathroom accessories available at Hugo Oliver. You can view the range online, but if you'd like to see how our bespoke accessories can enhance your bathroom, simply pay a visit to our showroom or contact our team online to speak about their design services.

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