Time honoured classic manufacturing with exclusive, organic Correro materials for long lasting luxury.

Ashton & Bentley

Ashton & Bentley baths and basins are all made in their English factory. Utilising both technology and time honoured classic manufacturing techniques Ashton & Bentley produce both traditional and highly contemporary fittings. Ashton & Bentley work with an exclusive material called Correro which is rich in organic minerals which enables their products be long lasting, hygienic and also retain heat better.

The large range of timeless baths that Ashton & Bentley design evokes style and grace, many of these more traditional baths take inspiration from classical design like the Art Deco period. However, If contemporary style is what you’re looking for Ashton & Bentley also design a stunning collection of modern baths and basins. From delicate to imposing their modern collection is bound to catch your eye.


Anna Palmer     Interior Designer